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I wanted to introduce you to Interserver. Interserver is where I am hosting my winserver setup. I have AT&T internet, and they refused to unblock port 25 and 587 for a residental account. So I was either left with finding a good smarthost, or running winserver without mail services. Well Enter Interserver. For $10/month you can get a "slice" VPS. Each "slice" comes with 1 CPU, 2Gb RAM, 30Gb SSD hard drive. You can have as many slices you want or need. I have 2. That gives me 2 CPU Threads, 4Gb RAM 60Gb SSD HDD, and 3TB data transfer. It's a 2012R2 Windows Server and it works flawlessly for me! The link is a referal link, and I do get a referal credit if you stay a customer for 3 months. You use RDP to manage your server and it couldnt be easier!